Portraits In Focus

Hi there and Welcome To ‘ETP In Focus’, Valuable Photography Tips & Tricks

This article is all about helping new and up and coming photographers get better at their craft, by providing great photography tips and insights.

Whilst I’m not yet sure of the frequency at which I’ll be producing them, it’s looking like it’ll be once a fortnight, or there or thereabouts.

And like any good blog, getting feedback (both good and bad) from my readers about the new posts, will be invaluable in helping make the blog a better and more valuable experience for you.

Because all feedback is important and it will be great to know how well the posts are hitting the mark, in terms of the value they deliver.

Of course, for those not interested in the “ETP In Focus…” series, we’ll still be continuing to pump out interesting posts and updates about the goings on here at Ed Telling Photography.