Studio Portrait Photography

Studio based portrait photography is the oldest and most widely practiced medium in photography, but capturing a subject, or subjects, successfully relies on more than just “point and shoot”.

As with any kind of photography composition is important. But lighting is all important, and you really can’t just rely on ambient to achieve the results you need.


The studio portraits we capture requires all subjects in the image to be in focus (wide depth of field). Therefore we have a good selection of professional and importantly portable studio lights at our disposal. Extremely lightweight heavy duty powerful strobes for shooting large volumes all day. We have pop up backdrops and large format backdrops for groups up to 2.7m wide.

We are experienced portrait photographers that regularly shoots event portraits for organisations, including college & university shoots. Whatever the occasion, or even if there isn’t one, Ed knows exactly how to direct individuals or groups to ensure a successful photo shoot and beautiful portraits that you will be proud of.

Please take a look at the portfolio galleries for examples of our best work, or for more detail on specific projects we have a selection catalogues of recent work. If you would like to see more examples of specific work or client catalogues please contact Ed to see the private back catalogues.

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