Nikon European Film Festival

Nikon In Partnership with Raindance Film Festival honed in on talent from around the world and brought them to the finals of the Nikon European Film Festival. This year held at Vue Piccadilly, London, the judging panel included the likes of Elliot Grove, Founder, Raindance Film Festival and Asia Argento, Filmmaker & Chair of the Jury for the Nikon European Film Festival.

Being a Pro Nikon user (requirement) I hired by a PR firm to capture the running order of the event which included stills of interviews, portraits of winners and the general ambiance of the evening. I’d  just bought a Nikon 35mm f/1.4 G AF-S and wanted to try this out on my D4 for some of the casual portraits. I also knew it would be dark in there and would need this extra low light power at my disposal. When shooting around interviews I tend to steal some of the light set up by the video guys, and because this was shot inside a cinema for Nikon it looked good! I wasted zero time as the shots needed to be quick and spot on. The results were exactly what the client required for their PR.

See the image gallery from this event