Events, PR Photography
For Those Key Occasions.

A totally dependable and professional photographer, building good relationships with clients.

Whatever images you require for your business needs, you’ll benefit from a wealth of experience gained from Ed’s involvement in all kinds of event photography including conferences, trade shows and seminars, award ceremonies, gala dinners, charity fund raisers, sport and team building events for clients such as Marie Curie Cancer Care, Estates Gazette, UK Parliament and Barclaycard. Clients always benefit from the diverse range of material Ed can produce.



“You’ll want photographs which captures the success of your organisation’s event an powerful marketing images showcasing your sponsorship partners.”

Ed is an experienced and fully insured London based professional events photographer, having worked in the event industry since 2010. From arrival he will methodically capture absolutely every detail of your event, producing images guaranteed to bowl you over. Ed’s clients appreciate the extras he brings to an event such as unique perspectives and special lighting to give extra an dimension to the images. Lighting can be so important but is only used where and when permitted or required. Detail is also so important in his work and there is always true value in everything that makes an event engaging, no matter how insignificant it appears to be.

With over 15 years experience in the creative industry Ed realises and works to supply photography that resonates when you are reaching out to new and existing audiences.

Arrival can be anything from 15 minutes to an hour prior to the event to check through the schedules for any last minute changes. We will locate and prioritise photographing all the assets required making sure any brief is covered according to the timeline.

Ed and his colleagues are happy to get stuck in with your team, communicating helpfully with you, your guests or delegates. We are discrete, courteous and operate and adhere to the clients expectations at all times. A clear methodical approach is important to getting diverse images. We’ll go stealth at the right times, but not when you need those cheery group shots!

Do I you really need to spend too much time thinking about the photography?
No. You require a photographer who can simply turn up and just get on with it. We’ll just need a schedule of events. We can certainly work to your brief. If you simply do not have the time you can trust Ed to turn up and use his experience to ensure you get the shots you need.

So why use Ed as your pro event photographer?
– Professional attitude, always on time.
– Experience in fast paced fluid environments.
– Emotion and energy of your event immortalised in brilliant and stunning imagery.
– Creative images you can use within your blog posts and Increase discoverability by leveraging images using social media.
– Quick and reliable delivery of high resolution images.
– Images on site when required.

– Creative photography capturing of all key moments, atmosphere, branding, sponsors
– Express turn-around. Images delivered when you need them. During the event or post event within 24hrs.
– Images professionally processed to a secure online dynamic gallery at no extra cost.
– Detailed enhancement to each presented image.
Ed likes to fully understand and get to know the operation he’s working for. Unlike some event photography companies out there who wish to remain faceless, hiring Ed for your event means that you get the consistency, professionalism and amazing sense of humour each time. Ed likes to build on relationships with his clients and think it’s what you as a client want.

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