Super-Fast Delivery

I’m continually looking to create and add new spins to my services, helping to set the standard for modern freelance event photography.

Some unique spins include:
– Cameras linked with WiFi to smartphones for remote photography, great for unintrusive or elevated shots.
– Most event photographers only use professional zoom lenses for event work. I think fast prime lenses work best in the mix at live events, producing a more dynamic range of bright photos with amazing bokeh.
– Digital file processing on site as I work, for presentations and social media like here at The Dorchester.

Any business that is either in the process or has already established itself, will at some time organize and run a corporate event throughout the year.

When done well and done properly, events are powerful PR levers that can generate solid marketing traction for your brand.

Where many companies fail in reaping that reward, however, is either through not having a professional events photographer present to capture the event, or being too slow in amplifying the events activities afterwards, by not executing a quick follow-up marketing campaign.

If you’ve been savvy enough to hire a photographer, it’s their ability to quickly turnaround your images, that is pivotal in allowing you to do your Social Media follow up while the event is still fresh in the minds of the attendees.

Acting when the emotional intensity from an event is still high is a magnificent opportunity to develop brand advocates and evangelists.

At the Great Escape Challenge this year (2014) which took place in Cannock Chase, England and was organised by North Star Events, we used our quick return service to provide the client with 30 of the best digital images from the event in only 1 hour!

As a result, North Star Events was able to do showcase images at the after party and produce a very rapid Social Media amplification campaign that worked wonders in promoting and strengthening their client’s and their own brand.

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